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Health is the prime concern of every individual, be it a child or an adult!

"Health Awareness is a Must for every Individual"

Many people do not pay much attention to health and hygiene issues. If the adults or parents of the family are not aware about health, then how can one expect the children to be aware? This way, they do not maintain proper hygiene and get infected easily. Moreover small children are more prone to infections and diseases, because their immunity is not strong. Hence, it is a must that proper attention to health of every individual is given. For this sole purpose, we are providing awareness campaigns in your area, so that you are completely aware of the same.

Taking out time for learning new awareness methods is a necessity for your health. Make sure you do not compromise on it. We are providing health training to people about general hygiene and sanitation and the ways in which you can easily protect yourself and your family from infections and diseases.

Infection - A Common Problem

Infection is a common problem which millions of people suffer throughout the world. Incorporating methods that help to increase the immunity of your body, will not only help you protect from diseases and infection, but will also let you take care of your family. Always try to abstain from food and water that seems unhygienic. Using sanitiser before meals every time is a good idea, when you are in office or on the move. Always washing your hands helps to remove any micro -organisms present on it.

Emergency First Aid

We make an endeavor to educate the people through our campaigns about the emergency methods which they can incorporate when required. We provide training programmes for the same. Individuals who are keen can join our programme to know more about the same. Even if one member from every family joins our programme, it will be a great way to educate the rest of the family members, even if they don't have time to join. The emergency first aid programme is a part of our initiative for increasing awareness against health issues.

What we offer? Take a look

We explain the people the facts on diseases and the ways in which they can prevent themselves, precautions which can be taken, methods which can be included in daily household to minimise the levels of infection, dirt and much more. We share with the people the statistics of diseased people in their community, what the reasons were and how it all can be prevented and this number be reduced. Different ways are explained to the family members in which they can ensure proper health of the elders of the family and that of the small children.

Our training programs for the community

We are having short term training program for people of all ages, youngsters, teens, adults and aged, simply anyone can take part to know more. These training programs are flexible in timings, so even if you are busy with your college, office or household chores, register yourself for a class at the time convenient.


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Happy Clients

See how a number of people have benefited from our health awareness campaigns.

I am fully satisfied with Crawley Awareness Association and with the initiative they are taking to educate every individual of the community. I will recommend their services and healthcare information to anybody who wants the best in this realm.
Morgan Hurst

Happy Clients

Our family has learned a lot of new things, like basics of sanitation and ways to maintain hygiene, and we are also making an endeavour to take our children at the campaigns organized by Crawley awareness association as they are highly trustworthy.
Henry Powell
Nutri G