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Sexual Health Services in High Demand

Local Authority Reduces Sexual Health Care Funding

Many people are finding it difficult to access sexual healthcare in the United Kingdom, mainly because the local authority in many cities are cutting the funding made available to GPs. A recent article in Pulse Today talks about an award winning GP sexual health service for students, Bristol Student Health Service, which is having its sexual health funding cut by the local authority by an amount of £20,000. This reduction in sexual health funding will result in the stopping of certain services such as syphilis testing and asymptomatic HIV testing. As a result, free HIV testing will no longer be available to patients unless they show HIV symptoms or are from a high-risk group such as the group of men who have sexual intercourse with men.

Because the local authority has been cutting sexual health funding and certain tests are no longer available at the GP even though the GP is the most preferred service provider for man patients, patients are now looking for other alternatives. There are free services that offer sexual healthcare such as this free testing service; however, many of these free services mostly focus on young people. BeSure which mostly offers testing and treatment for chlamydia makes it easy, simple and painless to get tested for this sexual disease. You can order a test online or via text. It offers a confidential service to those between the ages of 16 and 4 in the Birmingham and Solihull area. The kit is free and is delivered in a brown envelope and arrives within a few days. 

So what happens to those who are older than 25 years?

Did you know that the rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea are soaring amongst pensioners? That’s right! Cases of those older than 65 years contracting chlamydia have doubled in the last four years so in this day and age, sexual health services  should not only target the young and offer free testing services to them but should target the young as well as the old. The rise of sexually transmitted diseases has increased to the extent that pensioners are now being warned to use protection while on board cruise ships. For more information on why pensioners are now being advised to be prepared to have sex by making sure that they bring along protection with them, see this article.

Because people cannot get the type of sexual testing that they need from the GPs and because the free sexual health services mostly focus on young people, more and more people are not turning to private health providers on line such as The STI Clinic so that they can get tested. Online private health providers such as The STI Clinic specializes in postal sexual health services that are backed by rapid laboratory results. The sexual health tests sod by these providers are available to both the young and the old and allows them to get tested for just about any sexually transmitted disease from the comfort of their home. The tests are ordered online and delivered to the homes of the patients the following day. The patients take a sample and mail it back to the provider who then test the sample in its laboratory and has the results available in a few hours. The results are made available online via the patient’s account. 

Since that sexual health is such a vital part of our overall well-being, it is very important that investments are made in sexual healthcare. It is therefore a responsibility of local authorities and the government to invest in sexual healthcare instead of cutting back on funding for sexual health care. In addition, they need to make sure that sexual healthcare is available for both the young and the old. 

Tips on Dealing with a STI

If you have a sexually transmitted infection, here are a few tips for you.

Get tested as soon as possible so that you can start treatment. 
Stick to one sexual partner to prevent the infection from spreading further. 
Be honest with your partner and inform him or her of your condition so that he or she can get tested immediately and start treatment.
 Make sure that you use a condom during sexual intercourse to prevent the disease from spreading further. 
 Use a condom even if you have been treated for the sexually transmitted infection and no longer suffers from it. 
Get educated on STIs so that you can be aware of the symptoms and the effects that the infection will have on your body so that you can deal with them accordingly.


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