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The importance of self-awareness

There are some conditions that start out silently and without any symptoms. These are the most difficult for an early diagnosis, precisely because people do not realise that they have such condition until it has developed into something more serious and dangerous for their health. In other cases, symptoms are more visible and/or easier to notice, such as pain, itch, visual changes in our bodies or some misfunctions. Unless we get a medical examination periodically, the only sort of conditions that we will be able to detect and treat is the second one. 

Even if symptomatic diseases and conditions are more likely to get a proper diagnosis and treatment, sometimes people might not find help in time because of ignorance. Some conditions require immediate treatment so as not to get worse. It is important that we know what these conditions are and which symptoms are associated with them, so we can call emergency services, or at least get a quick medical control of the situation. In these cases, we ourselves are our number one help, and in us lies the difference between proper care and unnecesary suffering.

In this article, we will briefly review one of these conditions.  Read More...

Mycoplasma Genitalium Infections

What is a Mycoplasma Genitalium Infection?

A mycoplasma Genitalium infection is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the mycoplasma Genitalium bacteria which infects the mucous membranes of the cervix, anus and urethra. It can also infect the throat; however, that does not happen often. A man suffering from this infection will most likely develop urethritis which is the infection of the urethra. As the urethra is the urinary canal of a man, symptoms of this infection include a burning sensation in the penis as he urinates and also watery discharges from the penis. A woman suffering from this infection will most likely suffer from infection of the cervix and will experience abnormal discharges from the vagina, bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex and discomfort when urinating. If not treated on time, the infection may spread to the fallopian tubes resulting in pelvic inflammatory disease which can lead to ectopic pregnancy or even infertility.

The Link between the Mycoplasma Genitalium and HIV

Diagnosing this infection is very important because recent studies shows that Mycoplasma and HIV risk is high. It is believed that the mycoplasma Genitalium bacterial sexually transmitted disease leads to potential HIV infections. This study revealed that women with this infection are two times more likely to acquire the HIV infection than women without the infection. It is therefore important that people get tested so that they can be aware of their status. The mycoplasma Genitalium infection is diagnosed using the polymerase chain reaction test (PCR test) which checks urine or a sample of discharge from the urethra or cervix. In most cases, if a man or woman is tested negative for gonorrhea or chlamydia, further testing will be undertaken for the mycoplasma Genitalium infection.

Frequently Asked Mycoplasma Genitalium Questions

  What is the Incubation period?   The incubation period is usually between two to thirty-five days.
What is the infectious period? As long as you have the infection and have not obtained the appropriate antibiotic treatment, you can infect others.
What treatment option is available? This infection is normally treated with a single, oral dose of oral antibiotics, most commonly used is azithromycin or it can also be treated with a 7-10 day course of the moxifloxacin antibiotics.
What is the easiest way of getting tested for mycoplasma Genitalium? The easiest way to Get Tested for this infection is by purchasing a self-sampling test. These can be purchased from reliable online suppliers such as Home Diagnostics. After purchasing the test, it will be delivered to your home the following day. In the comfort and convenience of your home, you will be required to take a urine sample, urethra swab or a cervical / vaginal swab. You will then post the sample back to Home Diagnostics where it will further be analyzed in their laboratory. Your results will then made available to you. 
When is it safe to have sex after taking the treatment? You need to allow the antibiotics time to work. You should therefore restrain from having sex about one week after completing treatment. If you absolutely need to have sex, be sure to use a condom.

Preventing a Mycoplasma Genitalium Infection from Returning


Sexual Health Services in High Demand

Local Authority Reduces Sexual Health Care Funding

Many people are finding it difficult to access sexual healthcare in the United Kingdom, mainly because the local authority in many cities are cutting the funding made available to GPs. A recent article in Pulse Today talks about an award winning GP sexual health service for students, Bristol Student Health Service, which is having its sexual health funding cut by the local authority by an amount of £20,000. This reduction in sexual health funding will result in the stopping of certain services such as syphilis testing and asymptomatic HIV testing. As a result, free HIV testing will no longer be available to patients unless they show HIV symptoms or are from a high-risk group such as the group of men who have sexual intercourse with men.

Because the local authority has been cutting sexual health funding and certain tests are no longer available at the GP even though the GP is the most preferred service provider for man patients, patients are now looking for other alternatives. There are free services that offer sexual healthcare such as this free testing service; however, many of these free services mostly focus on young people. BeSure which mostly offers testing and treatment for chlamydia makes it easy, simple and painless to get tested for this sexual disease. You can order a test online or via text. It offers a confidential service to those between the ages of 16 and 4 in the Birmingham and Solihull area. The kit is free and is delivered in a brown envelope and arrives within a few days. 

So what happens to those who are older than 25 years?


Fewer People Getting Sexual Health Checks

STIs and sexual health checks

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) have been around for as long as sex itself has. However, perhaps the biggest threat for sexual health isn't the STI's themselves, but the heavy taboo that society has placed upon human sexuality. Youger generations are more loose on this matter, but the general feeling that the detailes about one's sex life must remain a secret is still present among everybody. Not to mention elder people, who are by far more used to sex being an absolutely prohibited matter, outside of all casual conversation - and even conversations with professionals of health.

There is a strong negative image on sexually transmitted infections, not because of the fact that they harm people's health, but because they are associated with questionable sexual morals. Inversely, getting checked for sexual diseases is embarrassing for many people, and this discourages most of them from going to a clinic. Read More...

World Sexual Health Awareness

The Importance of Being Sexually Healthy

There is a lot of emphasis put on the overall health of individuals but somehow sexual health is not considered a part of overall health. Being sexually healthy is very important as almost all sexual diseases are usually transmissible and therefore, do not only put the host in danger but also put people who have sexual contact with the host in danger. 

Knowing about sexual diseases is important as knowledge about the diseases would lead to their treatment. Many people don’t even know about the existence of a number of STIs and STDs and this lack of knowledge leads to propagation of these infections and diseases. The majority of individuals know about Chlamydia, genital warts and gonorrhea but there are a number of widespread STIs which are not that well-known. 

On the occasion of World Sexual Health Day, here is a list of STIs which are lesser known but can prove equally dangerous.  Read More...

HIV Testing Made Easy

Losing fear of HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS has been for a long time the most famous sexually transmitted infection, practically the only one known by people. Now other bacteria and viruses are on the spotlight, like gonorrhoea, chlamydia and parvovirus, as well as some long dated infections like syphillis. However, the thing with HIV is how - and when - it became famous. The virus has had a terrible image from the beginning, not only as a disease that can kill, but also as an infection deeply associated with behaviours and sexual practices heavily judged by society.

As a result, many people were terrified to find out - or let others find our - that they had HIV. The disease was new and linked to heavy prejudice, so there's been a lot of misinformation about how dangerous it can be and how easily you can catch it. Myths like kisses or sharing glasses being contagious, along with the negative image of HIV possitive people - associated with homosexuality, drug use and/or promiscuity - turned the infection into a real boogieman for a long time. Read More...

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